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Styles, Sets, Braids & Cuts

Luxury Shampoo/ Blowdry & Style  $65

Shampoo/Mold/Style (Short Hair)  $55

Bissau Silk Press (Natural Hair)  $75+

Finished Style (blowdry + iron work)  $35

"Clarify & Moisturize" Vinegar Rinse  $5

Brown Sugar Moisturizing Treatment  $10

Natural Curl Defining Detox  $15

Rosemary Leaf Deep Treatment Mask  $15

Protein Reconstructor $10

Soothing Mint System $5

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Spa Wet Set: Rollers, Rods, Flexi-Rod Set, Twist-out, Comb Coils, etc.  $75

Box Braids  $150+

Cornrows $125+

Incld's. Shampoo & customized conditioner

Multi-faceted Up Do Style  $90

Incld's. Shampoo & customized conditioner

Spa-Precision Hair Cut  $47

Dusting (End Trim)   $12

Can also be combined with other svc's.

Chemical Texturizing

Spa Relaxer Retouch  $80

Virgin Relaxer  $115

Edges Only (does not include style)   $10

Texturizer Only (does not include style)  $50



Keratin Straightening Treatment  $250

Peter Coppola Systems  *consultation required

Hair Color

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Single Process   $60+

Single Process (Retouch) $45

Color only, does not include finished style

Balanta Balayage  $250

French Ombre  $200

Includes finished style

Full Highlights  $125

Partial Highlights  $95

Demi-Permanent  $35

Demi-Permanent Shine Treatment  $30

Color only, does not include finished style


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Holistic Health Coaching  $100

(4) 1 hour sessions. Customized to your needs

Reboot! (1 hr)  $30

Mini-Reboot (30 min.)  $20

Enjoy customized aromatherapy, sound therapy and touchless electronic massage as you lay back and allow your senses to destress and Reboot!  This is sure to become one of your favorite services. *Add Steam for face/hair for $5



Wigs, Weaves & Extensions


1 hour


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Wig Install $65+

Sew In  $200

Crochet  $125

Box Braids $150

Cornrows $100+

Net Sew In (partial)  $100

Closure Install  $30

Frontal Install  $60

Malaysian (braid-less) Sew In

Full  $375

Malaysian (braid-less) Sew In (per row) $45

Weave Removal (per hour w/ 1 hr. minimum) $30

All weaves and extensions include application & styling only, shampoo/condition/blowdry and hair available for additional price

Micro Links/Cold Fusion (Full) $485

Micro Links/Cold Fusion (Half) $300

Spa Bonds (Quick Weave)  $60

Bonded (Per track)  $10

Tape-Ins (Full)  $299

Tape-Ins (Half)  $180

Extension Removal (per hour)  $30

Shampoo/condition/blow dry and hair are not included

Fusion/ Hot Bonds (Full)  $650

Fusion/ Hot Bonds (Half)  $399

Fusion Removal (per hour)  $30

Shampoo/condition/blow dry and hair are not included

Non Surgical Hair Replacement


1 hour


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High Frequency Follicle Stimulater $100

(3) 20 minute sessions with

Cranial Prosthesis Unit

*Inquire for Pricing

Integrated Unit

Mesh Unit

Custom and partial units available.

*Consultation required. 

*Inquire for Pricing

*Inquire for Pricing

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